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Ronald M. SemariaRonald Mark Semaria, CFE, RTRP, DABFE, FACFEI, CSC, CHS-III, is a graduate of Long Island University, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting.

I began my professional career in taxation and fraud as an Internal Revenue Service Agent, examining all types of individuals and companies.

Special assignments developed my expertise in Medicaid Fraud, Strike Force – Organized Crime, Sensitive Cases, Undercover Work with Inspection Division of the IRS and cases involving bribery of IRS Agents. My court testimony in several cases resulted with the taxpayer being incarcerated and paying large fines.

I received letters of commendation from the Commissioner of the Department of the Treasury and the District Director of the Brooklyn District. After resigning from the Internal Revenue Service with Career Tenure status, I established my company in the field of tax and fraud consulting.

I am a self-employed Tax Consultant, Certified Fraud Examiner, Registered Tax Return Preparer, Forensic Accountant, Certified Security Consultant, Certified Homeland Security-Level III, Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Examiners and a Fellow of The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute. I am Past President and President Emeritus of the NY Chapter #14 of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Since 9/11, I received special training by the New York City Police Department in terrorism. I am an Adjunct Professor teaching Fraud at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus. I volunteer as a Certified Ombudsman for the New York State Long Term Care Ombudsman Program in conjunction with New York City New York Foundation for Senior Citizens.

My affiliations with various organizations, consisting of licensed private investigators, former agents of the IRS, FBI, Secret Service, Customs, Post Office, Department of Investigation, NY Police Department, and Security Experts has aided me in solving many fraud cases that most practitioners wouldn’t be able to resolve.

Why Did I Start Semaria Consulting ?

Semaria Mag Glass LogoDuring my tenure at the Internal Revenue Service, I realized that most people employed the wrong type of accountant for their financial and tax guidance.

I discovered that most accountants don’t perform the proper services for their clients. For example they don’t educate their clients as to tax laws. They don’t perform tax projections during the year to determine the potential tax liability by the end of the year.

Most accountants are too busy to give that “personal” touch to their clients, delay in answering letters & telephone calls (from both their clients and government agencies) and talk about the law instead of explaining the tax law.

It is my belief, especially in today’s digital age, it is the accountant’s responsibility to also inspect their client’s business for potential areas of fraud, embezzlement, and security procedures.

I have the expertise in reviewing office procedures, fraud investigation, detection and prevention, including the installation of fraud prevention security systems. I specialize in employee and executive embezzlement, divorces, identify theft and counseling people in preparing for tax examinations. I also provide services to people who have been defrauded by their present accountants and financial advisors.

What Services Does Semaria Consulting Provide ?

1wbusinessbanner4aSemaria Consulting provides investigative fraud accounting services, including computer forensics, analyzing and debugging computers. This type of investigation involves the reviewing of the computer’s hard drive for hidden and fraudulent accounting and bookkeeping practices, hidden assets and financial information. My practice has now expanded into the digital video forensic arena with the analysis of video and digital images involving theft, bank robberies, and work for the NYC and Nassau court system.

Recently, and unfortunately, I have been employed by various companies and individuals to investigate their accountants. My investigations confirmed and re-enforced my beliefs that most of today’s accountants are not fulfilling their duties properly, resulting in careless and costly errors. Including embezzlement of the client by the accountant.

Some of my cases included check forging, purchasing of gold bars by people involved with the Taliban and Al Qaeda, Identity Theft, Ponzi schemes, payroll embezzlement and money laundering. I have also been involved in divorce cases involving hidden assets, theft of funds of clients by their accountants, comptrollers and bookkeepers.

I give lectures on fraud prevention and detection, identity theft, and IRS procedures, including preparing for government audits.

If you have any questions or require further info please call 718-531-1105 or send an email.

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