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IRS Tax Audits – Know Your Rights Before An Audit Begins

Frustrated ManYou can appoint someone to represent you in IRS proceedings. You usually can’t be forced to attend yourself.

An agent must explain your rights before starting the audit process.

The agency must abate any part of a penalty or extra tax that is caused by inaccurate written advice the IRS gave you.

If you’re assessed additional tax after an audit, you have 10 business days to pay without being charged additional interest.

If you win in a tax dispute, you can bill the government for legal fees (up to $125 an hour) unless the IRS can prove its actions were justified.

If the agency acts recklessly, you can sue for up to $1 million in civil damages.

If your refund is disallowed, you must be given an explanation.

If you go to court to resolve your conflict, the IRS now has the burden of proving you are wrong on factual questions.

For more details on your rights in an audit, find a copy of IRS Publication 1, Your Rights as a Taxpayer,  at or call 800-829-3676

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