Society of Professional InvestigatorsThe Society of Professional Investigators, Inc. (SPI) is a nonprofit organization, incorporated in 1956. The membership includes investigators from City, State,  and Federal organizations, both active and retired; primarily from the New York Region, with numerous members throughout the country.

The Society is dedicated to a new vitality, with a strong commitment to networking and establishing open dialogues with security and investigative related organizations, such as: (1) American Academy of Professional Law Enforcement, Inc., (2) National Law, (3) Retired Detectives Association of NYCPD, (4) Associated Licensed Detectives of NYS, Inc., (5) American Society of Industrial Security, Inc., (6) World Association of Detectives, Inc., and others.




  • To cultivated and advance knowledge of the science and technique of professional investigation.
  • To elevate and maintain high standards and ethics for the profession.
  • To promote efficiency of the investigator in the services he performs.
  • To preserve the memory of services rendered by the investigative profession in the crusade against crime, racketeering and corruption in government.
  • To encourage, foster and develop between members of the profession a spirit of mutual understanding of their respective problems, duties and obligations as professional investigators.
  • To encourage, foster and develop relations of helpful interest between members of the profession.
  • To hold meetings for the presentation and discussion of appropriate papers and topics and for social and professional intercourse.
  • To grant awards and citations for meritorious service in the field of investigation.
  • To procure, preserve, and perpetuate and disseminate knowledge and information relating to each of the above subjects and the objects for which this Society is formed.
  • And, to this end, and in furtherance thereof, to publish and distribute or promote the publication of books, periodicals, treaties, circulars and other papers relating to such subjects and objects of this Society and to dispose of said publications by sale or otherwise; and in general to do and perform every lawful act and thing necessary and expedient to be done and performed in furtherance of the objectives and lawful purposes of the Society.

Contact Info:

Ronald Semaria
Semaria Consulting
1408 East 66th St
Brooklyn, NY 11234

Phone Numbers:

Phone: 718-531-1105
Toll-Free: 866-531-1105
Toll-Free: 888-IRSAUDIT
Toll-Free: 888-RONTAXES
Fax: 718-444-7152